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Who Needs Physical Therapy - Well Everyone Actually

Now please understand that there is a significant bias but my opinion is that everyone could benefit in some way from physical therapy. Our purpose as physical therapists is to improve the way people move. When I say move, I mean all movements. It could be as simple as walking or the way you stand or as complex as to improve your golf swing or your overhead snatch. Breaking down a movement is the art of training your eyes to see dysfunction, testing that dysfunction, and then doing a treatment to improve that dysfunction.

"But Doc, don't you need to have pain if there is something wrong with you?"

Not True. I would argue that every person living in today's modern society has some form of dysfunction but it's not enough to set off an inflammatory response to create the sensation of pain. The human body is pliable enough to deal with a certain amount of dysfunction but once it passes that threshold, it will let you know with pain.

What are some causes for people in modern society to have increased pain? Here are a few general rules for why we have pain.

1. Technology - Thanks goodness for technology or else we wouldn't be entertained by Netflix on the TV, Youtube on my phone, or surfing the web on the computer. But unfortunately, those are the same reasons why we sit way more often then we shoulder. Sitting is the new smoking is a newer phrase that has been going around.

2. Work - Sitting is the culprit again but our work situations perpetuate the constant sitting throughout the day. We sit and use the computer. We sit and drive to work in horrible traffic. The sitting position makes our hip flexors tight and our glut/hamstrings are constantly being smashed. Our body is not designed to sit for that many hours per day and it will catch up with you.

3. Diet - Certain foods can illicit the inflammatory response in our bodies. Not all food effect everyone the same way and your body will let you know if it causes inflammation. Common food groups to cause inflammation is dairy, wheat-based products, nuts, night shade vegetables, meat, and eggs. One way to determine if you have a food sensitivity is to do an elimination diet.

If technology, work, or food is catching up to you, try physical therapy. We can assess your posture in standing, walking, and sitting to be able to improve your ability to not ache as much. We don't have time to live in pain, do something about it today.

If you are interested in coming to Joseph S Luk Physical Therapy, give us a call at 818-240-5012 or contact us at our website at

We are located at 500 N. Central Ave, Suite 350, Glendale, CA 91203.

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