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Meet the Doctors - Jason Luk, PT, DPT

Updated: Jun 22

Jason Luk, PT, DPT is a second-generation physical therapist and the president of Joseph S. Luk Physical Therapy. A graduate of the University of Southern California, Dr. Luk bought the practice in 2007 from his father Joseph Luk, PT, RPT, the namesake of the corporation. Since then, he has both upheld and advanced what has made the practice successful for 35 years, balancing evidence-based research with tactful patient care. He is a staunch believer in the Full Body Approach that defines the practice’s philosophy, having employed this method to a multitude of his own injuries sustained from basketball and exercise.

Dr. Luk particularly appreciates treating the jaw joint, as its complexities often challenge multiple body parts and systems. He is currently assisting in a groundbreaking research study to develop a more defined protocol in treating temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD), most notably to blend the diverse approaches various clinicians use. His core passion, however, is to introduce a more utilitarian standard for preventing postural injuries, as he has observed both earlier onset and a greater pervasiveness of these injuries.

In the end, Dr. Luk’s passion is his family, as his wife, daughter, and two dogs remain his driving force. Trojan football and the Lakers would be higher on the list if it weren't for their perennial failures!

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